Three Pagodas Pass (22)



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The Three Pagodas Pass forms the borderline between the Siam Kingdom at Kanchanaburi Province and Burma at Tavoy. The pass is named after the three pagodas standing there side by side, one on Thai boundary, the other two on the borderline and within the Burmese boundary respectively.

The three monuments date back to the Ayutthaya period. His Royal Highness Prince Damrong Rajanupab, a famous Thai 'scholar, believed that they were constructed during the reign of King Baromatrai Lokanat (1448-1488 AD.) who had established a close relationship with King Dhammachedi of the Hamsavati Kingdom.

For centuries, the Burmese troops entered Siam through the Three Pagodas Pass to make wars with Ayutthaya.