The Old Market Town (10)


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The Old Market Town or Talad Bok has been recreated to portray the atmosphere of an ancient Thai Community. The self contained community of an old maket town makes it possible for the towns people to live on their own; the town provides sufficient facilities and necessary structures which are important for the physical and psychological well-being of the people. There are shops selling all kinds of goods, entertainment centers such as theaters and casinos, and religious monuments like the spirit houses standing side by side in the community. The structures play an important role in the towns because they help cultivate a good understanding among the multiethnic groups of people. So, the people live peacefully and spend their lives in the way that they are used to.

The residential quarters in the old market town are inspired by those standing along the ancient road in Tak Province together with the local shops in Kamphaeng Phet Province. The traditional Thai houses are taken from an old community in Yan Nawa District, Bangkok. On visiting the site, travellers will be reminded of the spectacle of an ancient market town that was once living in Thai Communities