The Lotus-Bud Tower (47)


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The Lotus-Bud Tower stands on Chang Hill in Tak Province. The renowned and ancient monument dates back to the Sukhothai period . It is a very distinctive type of chedi found only in the towns that made up the inner provinces of the Sukhothai Kingdom such as Sukhothai , Kamphaeng Phet , Phetchabun and Phitsanulok The stupa is commonly called " the Lotus-Bud Tower " due to the distinctive shape of the top ; its proper name is phum hao bin.

When the chedi was first discovered , it was understood that the lotus-bud tower was the only stupa existing on the hill and was a monument built to commemorate a special event that took place in Sukhothai . His Royal Highness Prince Damrong Rachanuphab , then , presumed the chedi to be the monument of Pho Khun Ram Kamhaeng , the King of Sukhothai Kingdom . It is established when he defeated Khun Sam Chon , a ruler of Chod who attacked Tak during the reign of Pho Khun Si Indratit , Ram Kamhaeng's father , in the historical battle made on elephants back . The tower , consequently , is known as Chedi Yuthahatti which means the monument of the historical battle.

Muang Boran reconstructed the building by making the stupa smaller than the original by three-fourths